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Best of 2021

I am feeling super grateful as I reflect on the past year. I met some awesome and inspiring people, in and out of the horse industry, stepped out of my comfort zone, and experienced my first busy season. I got to help photograph a horse show, and work with a brand. It was also my most profitable year yet. Some people really took a chance and believed in me this year, and I am forever grateful. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU 😊 I appreciate everyone who has helped and supported me throughout the year, it makes me so happy to be able to do this.

Here’s a recap of the year and some of my favorite images from the year, enjoy!

In March, I got to reunite with my friend Taylor and meet her cute ponies Missy and Ricky at the Cactus Reining Classic.

This is my most trending pic on Pinterest right now! πŸ”₯

In May, I had the amazing opportunity to assist at a shoot for Cavaliere Couture! This was my first time working with a brand and I got to connect with some amazing ladies.

^ This pic was featured in the Plaid Horse Magazine. So cool!

Attended the Spring Coconino HT in May and grabbed a few pics in between rides!

In July I got to do a bday session with Alivia and her horse Mud. Some of the sweetest pics ever πŸ’•

I got to help photograph one of the Summer Coconino HT, thanks to the generosity of Faye Gandolfi! I learned a lot this weekend.

Another bday shoot, this time with Taylor and Beamer! They are so cute together and Beamer gives the best hugs πŸ™‚

In September, a bday shoot with Araka and Ferris! I just loved Araka’s outfit choices, and they are too beautiful together!

In October, another shoot with Cavaliere Couture, this time as the lead. I got to meet Jamie and Catherine, who were just so kind. And Lela’s new horse made an appearance! I can’t thank Lela enough for trusting me to get images for her business, it is a dream come true.

The following weekend I got to meet Kresta and her boy Amini. They have a beautiful story and are so inspiring to me.

First senior session with gorgeous Morgan and her two bffs, Zena and Smokey!

In November, I got to help my dressage trainer in Flagstaff at the ADA fall show at Westworld. I learned a lot and it was super cool to see her good training get rewarded on both her horses.

Lots of love for the Wagners during their family pics!

Another senior session, this time in Flagstaff with Claire. So beautiful and made my job so easy!

In November I got to see Catherine again and meet her wonderful family!

Last session of the year was Hailey’s senior pics at the ranch! I loved her style and we got some cute pictures with Cash.

Thank you to every client or anyone who has supported me & my business this year, especially during these weird times. Bring on 2022!

January 5, 2022

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